Stanford Height Reservoir Seismic Upgrade Project
San Francisco, CA

In order to meet current seismic standards and to conform to all State
Requirements Stanford Heights Reservoir was upgraded as part of the Hetch
Hetchy improvements program, for the City and County of San Francisco. The
upgrade included the improvement of water quality and the strengthening of
the reservoirs structure. M Squared was contracted by SJ Amoroso Company
to complete Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Corrosion Protection work on the
project. Structural work included the construction of an inlet vault structure
which required a 20ft deep excavation with a beam and lagging shoring system,
new drainage around the reservoir and seismic bracing for the outlet pipes in
the reservoir tunnels. Civil work included 2,800ft of 20” Ductile Iron Pipe on
Portola Drive, 400ft of 24” welded Steel Inlet Pipe to feed the reservoir.
Mechanical work involved the installation of motorized actuators for the
existing sluice gates inside the reservoir basins and vaults. Corrosion
Protection work included the furnishing and installation of sacrificial anodes,
conduits and conductors as part of the cathodic protection system for both
the Ductile Iron piping and Steel Inlet piping.


300 Spear Street,
San Francisco, CA

Currently known as The Infinity, 300 Spear Street is two luxury condominium,
buildings located in downtown San Francisco, constructed by Webcor
Builders. M Squared Construction's portion of work included an emergency
sewer system upgrade for the buildings. During the course of construction it
was discovered that the existing sewer system did not have the capacity to
facilitate the new buildings. M Squared Construction had to mobilize within 48
hours and was given a very short timeframe in which to install the new sewer.
This required working around the clock in order to meet the Owners schedule.
Midway through our construction, we encountered ductbanks which were in
direct conflict with the proposed design grade. M Squared immediately
proposed a new design to the City which included running two smaller
diameter pipes in lieu of the original design. This design was accepted and we
were able to complete the project ahead of schedule.


Noe, Sanchez & Ford Sewer Project
San Francisco, CA

M Squared Construction was the General Contractor for the San Francisco
Department of Public Works project known as Noe, Sanchez, Ford Sewer
Replacement. In total over 3,800 feet of sewer mains, ranging from 12" to 24",
were replaced by open cut construction with a further 1,300 feet ranging from
12" to 18", being rehabilitated using a method known as C.I.P.L.P (Cured In
Place Liner Pipe). This process involves pulling a resin-saturated, coated felt
tube into a damaged pipe. Hot water or steam is then used to cure the resin and
form a tight-fitting, joint-less and corrosion-resistant replacement pipe. Due to
the busy location, co-ordination was needed with several San Francisco
agencies, most notably the San Francisco M.U.N.I. to ensure that no
inconvenience was encountered. In order to achieve this, weekend work was
required, with M.U.N.I required to de-energize and isolate their overhead lines.


Dublin San Ramon Services District
Pleasanton, CA

M Squared Construction was awarded a sub contract with Otto H Rosentreter
Company to install a co-generation facility at the Dublin San Ramon Service
District (DSRSD) Waste Water Treatment Plant. The facility consisted of two
300Kw fuel cells that are designed to run on anaerobic gases extracted from the
Waste Water Treatment Plant. The 300Kw fuel cells are powered by the gases
and create electricity which, in turn, is used to power the plants Digesters.
These gases are also used to create hot water which is also supplied to the
Digesters. M Squared Construction's portion of work involved the installation
of the gas main, anaerobic gas piping, water main, hot water piping and all
underground utilities necessary for the operation of the fuel cells, as well as
stub outs for a future 300Kw fuel cell. It also included the construction of the
reinforced concrete foundations for the fuel cell units as well as the fuel cell
installation and hook ups.